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Student-generated data - Trends in the 2014 Conference program

In a pre-conference workshop at ISSOTL 2014, a small group of us decided to investigate how much of the SoTL work presented at ISSOTL 2014 was actually based on data from students. As we dove into the work, trends emerged around the kinds of investigations reported on and the kinds of data presented. This blog post provides a quick summary of what we found and raises questions that point the way to future work.

Annual Elections: Ballots Available May 11

Sent on behalf of Joelle Fanghanel, Chair of Leadership and Elections Committee

Dear member

I am delighted, on behalf of the Committee and the Board, to inform membership that we are now ready to proceed with the annual round of elections. There will be 2 positions to fill this year – one for VP US and one for the position of President-elect. You will receive a statement from the candidates and a short biography early next week. 

The ballot will open on 11 May 2015 and close on 20 May 2015. Current members will receive an email with access to their ballot.

Illinois State University Launches SoTL Blog, The SoTL Advocate

During the fall semester of 2014, the office of the Cross Chair in SoTL at Illinois State University established a new weblog titled The SoTL Advocate to highlight SoTL and to encourage discussion within the SoTL community on various topics of interest to those working in SoTL at ISU and beyond. The SoTL Advocate editorial team invites ISSOTL members to add the blog to their reading lists.

From TLI: Teaching the Literature Review: A Practical Approach for College Instructors

Abstract: Instructors across the disciplines require their students to write literature reviews. Although numerous sources describe the literature review process, instructors and students face difficulty when approaching the structure of a literature review. This paper presents a straightforward, efficient approach for teaching students how to write a literature review. Developed over the course of three years at a university writing center, this lesson received substantial support from students across the disciplines. This paper reflects on one group of students' experiences while writing literature reviews in a political science course, showing that students demonstrated a sense of confidence and direction after the lesson. University professors, writing center staff, and content-discipline instructors in higher education classrooms can alleviate their students' anxiety about literature reviews by using this lesson in their classrooms.

Has your membership lapsed? Renew today!

Mary Ann Danielson, Secretary of ISSOTL, is in the process of contacting (former) 2013-2014 members of ISSOTL if our records indicate that they have not yet renewed their ISSOTL membership for 2014-2015.  If your membership has lapsed, we hope that you’ll accept this invitation to renew your ISSOTL membership for 2014-2015 (October 1, 2014-September 30, 2015).

From TLI: Instructor-Student Rapport in Taiwan ESL Classrooms

Abstract: Positive relationships between instructors and students are critical to effective learning in the classroom. Rooted in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), and centered at the crossroads of interpersonal communication and instructional communication (Affective Learning Model), this study examines how instructors in a Taiwan ESL school build relationships with Taiwanese students. Instructors were interviewed regarding the behaviors they use to build rapport with their students. 

ISSOTL 2015 Call for Abstracts is Open

The 12th annual conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning will take place from 27-30 October 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.

From TLI: Teaching Writing in the Disciplines: Student Perspectives on Learning Genre

Abstract: Writing in the Disciplines curricula can both challenge and reinforce assumptions that writing is a general skill that students will already have learned prior to doing the specialized writing in their chosen field of study. Rhetorical genre studies, however, tends to emphasize the situated nature of writing expertise, and thus supports the exploration of more sustained and varied forms of writing instruction in higher education. This article reports on a qualitative study that gave priority to a rich source of pedagogical insight: student writers themselves.

Update from the Publications Advisory Committee: ISSOTL Membership Input on Moving Our Journal to an Open Access Format

One of the features of ISSOTL conference this year was two open discussions about future directions for the Society’s journal, Teaching & Learning Inquiry. Sponsored by the Publications Advisory Committee, which oversees the journal’s financial health and sustainability, the sessions attracted approximately 50 people altogether and generated lively exchange about the idea of moving to an Open Access (OA) publishing format in the next year and a half.  In general, there was widespread support for such a move, though cautions to keep in mind were expressed as well. 

International Collaborative Writing Groups 2015 (ICWG2015)

As part of the ISSOTL 2015 Conference hosted in Melbourne Australia, colleagues are invited to apply to participate in a year-long international collaborative writing group. There will be eight groups, each of which will prepare and write an article during 2015-16 on a pre-selected topic about SOTL (the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) for submission for publication. Each group will have seven members chaired by a facilitator familiar with the chosen topic. Ideally each group will include at least one student member.


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