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Welcome to the new website!

Thank you for visiting the new ISSOTL website! Some features include:

  • The blog (start thinking about what you might like to write!)
  • You can easily set an RSS feed (from the home page) to receive announcements of posts
  • There’s a place for you to post to the site so you can announce jobs, regional conferences, and other events of interest – crowd-sourcing is thus possible, allowing you to connect with members and others around the world
  • There are additional social media links and they’re cross-referenced – when something is posted on our facebook page it shows up on twitter and vice versa
  • A password protected area for board business
  • The WordPress platform allows multiple administrators to make edits – very helpful for the executive!

We’ll be working at updating the content – so please contact me with any errors you notice or news you would like to have posted.

Long-term, we plan some add-ons, including:

  • A place to share videos and other documents
  • A place to host workshops
  • A searchable member database in which you create your own profile including areas of interest

We’d love to hear from anyone who has expertise or interest in any of these areas – we’re looking forward to involvement from members – especially students!

We look forward to hearing from members, interest groups, and other stakeholders in ISSOTL to help shape the site to be a valuable resource in binding together and growing the community of ISSOTL membership around the world.

None of this will be possible without the extraordinary volunteer efforts of many people. My warmest thanks to those who have provided immeasurable support in moving the new website forward: the web presence committee of Randy Bass (Co-Chair), Toru Iiyoshi, Aaron Long, Jessie Moore, Lauren Scharff (and her husband); also Dan Berstein and the ISSOTL Board for their feedback and support. A special mention for Aaron Long’s amazing efforts in summarizing the committee’s discussion and for his ongoing help above and beyond the call. Thanks also to graduate student Kathleen Moore who worked day (and night!) on creating our prototype. A special thank you to Nancy Chick for all her work on helping with finetuning this last week.

Get Involved

  1. Contact me with any questions or suggestions for the new and improved ISSOTL website at
  2. Write a blog (250-500 words) on a topic of interest to the membership. Contact me with your interest and for further details.

Nicola Simmons

Co-Chair, Web Presence Committee

Regional Vice-President, Canada

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