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Conference on Excellent Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Registration is now open for the July 24th-25th Conference on Excellent Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research, hosted by The Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University. More information about the conference can be found below and at the conference website.  

The conference features keynotes by George Kuh (Ensuring Quality & Taking High-Impact Practices to Scale) and W. Brad Johnson (On Being a Mentor: A Guide for Faculty in Higher Education), multi-institutional research conducted through the 2014-2016 Center for Engaged Learning Research Seminar on Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research, and related research by other scholars.

Join us in July to learn more about:

  • Key characteristics of mentoring undergraduate research
  • Mentoring relationships and student development
  • Mentoring practices and faculty development in academic communities
  • Undergraduate research program development and implementation
  • Enhancing and evaluating undergraduate research outcomes

Please feel free to share this announcement with other colleagues and groups who may be interested in attending the conference.

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