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ISSOTL 2017 Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for the 2017 ISSOTL conference in Calgary (Canada) is now available!

This year’s theme is inspired by the conference’s location in Calgary, a city that sits at 1,049 meters high with the Canadian Rocky Mountains shaping its western skyline.  “Reaching New Heights” will push our thinking about the scholarship of teaching and learning. This theme urges presenters, practitioners, and participants to think about the future of SoTL and how we navigate the new routes for getting there. It asks us to take risks by venturing into the unknown, and to explore diverse landscapes as we gain wider views of teaching and learning. It invites discussions of both the peaks and the valleys of SoTL, and calls us to share our adventures in SoTL—what we’ve learned along the way, how far we’ve come, what we’ve left behind, when we’ve faced down adversity, whose hands have lifted us, when we’ve stopped short of the peak, and what’s accomplished by reaching the summit.

The theme “Reaching New Heights” encompasses but is not limited to the following topics or threads:

  • Aspirations and anxieties for SoTL
  • Adventures and insights in SoTL
  • The high and low points in SoTL
  • Mapping and chronicling SoTL
  • SoTL newcomers, fellow climbers, and guides
  • New horizons, emerging landscapes, and underexplored territories in SoTL

We thus invite proposals that reflect on the trajectory of SoTL as a field and as part of our individual contexts.  What are its hopes and achievements? Its lessons learned and ongoing challenges? Its partners and advocates? Its unexpected outcomes and unasked questions? Its methods for self-reflecting and communicating to others?  

Abstract submissions accepted: January 15 – March 15, 2017

Read the full call for more details.

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