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Apply Now to be ISSOTL’s next Part-Time Communications Coordinator

ISSOTL seeks a person to be responsible for expansion, update, maintenance, and promotion of the Society’s website. operates on Drupal and serves as an access point for a wide range of information about the Society, its resources, its activities, and its communication portals (a journal, conferences, and interactive and social media). It is anticipated that will continue to develop and expand, including the creation of a membership database that will allow members with common interests to contact and communicate with each other in a variety of ways. The website will also be a dynamic home for news, updates, and discussion forums on topics of interest to the membership, serving as a continually updated newsletter and community conversation platform.

Scope of Work:

The position will work with and report to the Chair of the Society’s Communications Committee, which is responsible for developing a vision of the website’s potential functions. The Communications Coordinator will work with the Committee to plan and design continuing development of Beyond design and security updates to the site, the Society seeks an integrated membership management solution (e.g., a Drupal plug-in to facilitate joining/renewing the Society and to streamline membership databases and membership payment), additional member-generated content features, and work spaces for the Society’s committees and special interest groups.


We are looking for someone with experience in website design, who is also familiar with interactive features of membership communication. Having a progressive vision of the potential for website interactivity would a desirable qualification. The Coordinator will need skill in website construction, html code writing, database systems, and Drupal, as the Coordinator serves as the site monitor as well as the designer. The Coordinator also needs to work well with Society members in identifying and creating the functionalities desired in a 21st century scholarly organization. Familiarity with Open Conference Systems, which the Society uses for conference proposal submission and review, is a plus.


  • This is a contract position, not as an employee of the Society, and it is expected that on average, the total time per week would not exceed 8 hours, after an initial transition period. During periods of expansion of the site’s functions, that expectation may be adjusted.
  • Monthly reports of hourly activity will be sent to the Chair of the Communications Committee. 
  • The position pays U$ 20-25 per billable hour depending on qualifications, distributed by check.

Applications received by September 30, 2017, will receive first review; the search will continue until someone is hired. The position will begin as soon after the search as possible.

Inquiries about this position can be sent to:  Jessie L. Moore, Search Committee Chair,

To apply for ISSOTL Communications Coordinator please send the following information and comments to the Search Committee Chair c/o

  • Your name and contact information, including:  Name, Email Address, Phone, and Street, City, State/Province Address.
  • Please describe:
  1. your recent experience working with website development. Include information about the platforms and/or coding languages you used and the URLs for any websites that you currently manage and/or that continue to use your web design;
  2. your recent experience working with social media for organizations, non-profits, or other groups similar to ISSOTL;
  3. any experience you have integrating a database into a website’s operations; and
  4. any other information about yourself and/or comments/observations that you feel are relevant to how you would perform in this position.

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