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Advancing Undergraduate Research

The ISSOTL Interest Group on Advancing Undergraduate Research (AUR-IG) is an international, interdisciplinary network for faculty and administrators who are interested in investigating undergraduate research through the lens of the scholarship of teaching and learning. We strive to help institutions define undergraduate research and develop assessments to evaluate student learning through research and scholarship across disciplines and individual institutions. We encourage collaborations among interest group members, particularly projects that promote scholarly research on student learning through undergraduate research. We also share resources, disseminate findings, and provide support for institutions to carry out best practices in undergraduate research. This group reformed at the October 2013 ISSOTL Conference in Raleigh after a brief hiatus. Since that time, our group membership has swelled to 22 with members from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada! We have already established a thriving community of scholars interested in advancing undergraduate research. After reforming, the first task of the group was to begin to put together a list of resources on undergraduate research, both national and international. This list included organizations, frameworks for understanding, organizing, and assessing undergraduate research, and publication outlets for undergraduate researchers. We hope to continuously grow this list as more and more members join. If you are an ISSOTL member and would like to join the interest group, or if you know of any other ISSOTL members who would be interested in joining the group, please contact the AUR-IG Chair, Trent Maurer (