Invitation to Comment on Strategic Plan Draft

Dear ISSOTL Member:

Over the past year the ISSOTL Board of Directors has been engaged in a strategic planning exercise designed to provide our society with its first strategic plan. A sub-committee of the board made up of Kelly Matthews (VP Asia Pacific), Rie Troelsen (VP Europe), and Mills Kelly (then President, now Past-President) led the board through a half day discussion at the annual meeting in Bergen, surveyed other societies similar to ours, and then created a draft version of the strategic plan you will find here on the website. After extensive input from board members, the draft was approved for distribution and comment at the June ISSOTL board meeting.

We believe that the plan provides a strong statement of our values as an organization and sets forth important, achievable, yet challenging goals for ISSOTL.

Now we are asking for your input on the draft plan. Please take a few minutes to read what we have created and then use the options provided to offer your comments, suggestions and critique. Receiving the input of our members is critical to our work as we move toward a final version of the strategic plan, so we hope you will help us by offering your insights.

The comment period for the plan will last until August 31, 2019, at which point we will synthesize what we have learned from our members and present a final version to the board for its consideration at the October meeting in Atlanta.

Thanks very much for your assistance with what we believe is an important step for our society as we grow and evolve.


Kelly Matthews, Rie Troelsen, Mills Kelly