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SoTL Interview with Gary Poole

Dear colleagues, 

It gives me very great pleasure to share the animated YouTube videos listed below (or view the full playlist at These are the result of an interview with a generous colleague many of you know (Gary Poole) and the wonderful work of a fabulous graduate student (Monica Louie). I am grateful to the Brock University Faculty of Education GRAD fund for supporting this work and to a marvellous technical colleague (Nick Contant) for his help with the audio editing. 

Each video is short – typically around 2 minutes long. Please feel free to share widely!

All the best, 



Gary Poole SoTL videos on YouTube

Animation by Monica Louie

SoTL: What Works?

SoTL: Words of Wisdom to Those Starting Out

SoTL: Processes vs Outcomes

SoTL: Institutional Recognition

SoTL: Growth in Canada

SoTL: Grand Challenges

SoTL: Educating Funding Agencies

SoTL: Microscopic vs Macroscopic

SoTL: Why Care?