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20 December

A Case Study on the Value of Humanities-Based Analysis, Modes of Presentation, and Study Designs for SoTL: Close Reading Students’ Pre-Surveys on Gender-Inclusive Language

By Sarah Copland In the late 2010s, while teaching first-year writing amidst widespread media attention to the singular “they,” I wondered what and where my students had already learned about this gender-inclusive pronoun. And so my SoTL study was born: …

14 December

ISSOTL 2024 Election

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, a growing international organization dedicated to the scholarship of teaching and learning, needs leaders who are original thinkers, hard workers, and esteemed colleagues in the profession. ISSOTL’s representatives establish new …

22 November

“Getting it Write” | Reflections on Co-leading the 2023 ISSOTL International Collaborative Writing Groups (ICWGs)

By Earle Abrahamson, Professor of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, University of Hertfordshire, UK Embarking on a journey of collaborative writing is not merely about producing scholarly articles—it’s about forging connections, fostering communities, and navigating the intricate landscapes of …

10 November

Failures in SoTL

At ISSOTL22 in Kelowna, we shared the notion that, although many SoTL projects are designed to demonstrate “what works,” there is much to learn about what doesn’t work and other forms of failure in SoTL. Participants in the standing-room-only room …

Grand Challenges for SoTL logo
06 November

Grand Challenges for SoTL

SoTL’s Grand Challenges were determined following five years of global outreach, including three anonymous international surveys with thematic analyses, a Delphi process that provided feedback from twelve global SoTL experts on a group of eleven possible grand challenges, and a …