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27 January

Searching and Reviewing the Literature on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): An Academic Literacies Perspective Parts 1 & 2

By Mick Healey and Ruth L. Healey “I can’t tell you how much I love this article! What a wonderful combination of pragmatic guidance and thoughtful argumentation about the SoTL lit review/search.” Nancy Chick, 20 March 2022, former editor of TLI …

26 January

A Pedagogy of Slow: Integrating Experiences of Physical and Virtual Gallery Spaces to Foster Critical Engagement in SoTL

By Briony Supple and James G.R. Cronin Carl Honoré coined the term “the slow movement” back in 2005; the antithesis, he argued, of all that is modern: fast-food, fast-information, fast-fashion, and so on. Honore’s argument is that this fast way …

26 January

Emotions Experienced by Instructors Delivering Written Feedback and Dialogic Feed-Forward

By Jennifer Hill, Kathy Berlin, Julia Choate, Lisa Cravens-Brown, Lisa McKendrick-Calder, Susan Smith The research presented in this paper emerged from the 2019 ISSOTL International Collaborative Writing Group (ICWG) initiative that took place in Atlanta, USA. ICWGs bring together faculty, …

16 January

Beyond the SoTL Silo

By Earle Abrahamson, University of Hertfordshire The practice of SoTL can, at times, appear to unfold in isolation. There is a covert silence that punctuates many SoTL landscapes. This occurs potentially due to fear of identifying with SoTL, distraction from …