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21 April

The Good, the Bad, and the Pandemic: An Intra-Group Approach to Exploring Students’ Experiences with Collaborative Learning During COVID-19

By Ella Anghel When the restrictions posed by the pandemic were slowly lifted in 2021, I was teaching an almost entirely online class at a private university in the U.S. This was my second semester teaching, and feedback from students …

20 April

Incorporating Arts-Based Pedagogy: Moving Beyond Traditional Approaches to Teaching Qualitative Research

By Rhia Moreno, Kate Hobgood Guthrie, Katie Strickland As three educators teaching in diverse spaces (an assistant professor from a public university, an assistant professor from a private university, and a public elementary school teacher), this reflective narrative highlights our …

04 April

SoTL: The Next AI Generation

By Earle Abrahamson Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity both abbreviated to AI, have recently become synonymous with modern higher education learning. The discovery of ChatGPT as a tool to creatively generate text has led the HE sector, into a search …