We are an international network of ISSOTL members who are teachers and scholars in the various disciplines of the arts and humanities:  fine arts, performing arts, arts education, literature, philosophy, religion, communication, history, languages, et al–including those from other fields that self-identify as arts or humanities.

About Us

Our mission is to explore through inquiry, conversation, and collaboration the position and potential of the arts and humanities in SoTL/ISSOTL and SoTL in the arts and humanities.

We facilitate activities that make SoTL (and ISSOTL) more inviting for arts and humanities teacher-scholars who come with habits of mind, ways of knowing, and approaches to research that differ from the more broadly accepted approaches of much SoTL work.  We look for projects to develop from across the miles and wires. See below for a few examples.

The ultimate goal of the ISSOTL Arts & Humanities IG is to share in the work of improving teaching and learning in the humanities.


As of October 2019, Angela Zito ( is the Chair of the Arts & Humanities Interest Group, taking over from founding chair Nancy Chick (2008-2019).

Our History

Our history is a collaborative one.  At ISSOTL08 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, several conferees were discussing some of the challenges of the field, and the idea of the IG for humanists was born. View the original call for members (January 2009 International Commons) to the right, and the original application is available here.  Several years later, our arts members encouraged us to rename the group to be explicitly inclusive of their fields, and we formally applied for the name change to the Arts & Humanities Interest Group.

Our Projects

Members of the Interest Group have worked on a few projects over the years.  See below for a few: