When elected to serve on the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) Board of Directors, we assume a duty of loyalty to the Society. This duty requires that we act fairly and in the best interests of the ISSOTL.

Board of Director members may be susceptible to conflicts of interest because they may find themselves in circumstances inwhich certain financial or other interests could impair their duty to act in the best interests of ISSOTL. In addition, we may have access to confidential information which could be used to the financial or other material benefit of ourselves, our family, or business associates. Therefore, all Board of Director members are expected to avoid or disclose actual conflicts, potentialconflicts, or the appearance of conflicts of interest.


The ISSOTL’s Conflict of Interest Policy appears below:

“It is the responsibility of each Board of Directors member to disclose any duality of interest or possible conflict of interest and to make this a matter of record either through an annual process or when the interest becomes a matter of Board action. Any ISSOTL Board of Directors member having a duality of interest or possible conflict of interest onany matter should not vote or use his/her personal influence on the matter and he/she should not be counted in determining the quorum for the meeting. The minutes of the meeting should reflect that the disclosure was made andabstention was made from voting in the quorum situation. This duality of interest should not be construed as preventing the Board of Director member from briefly stating his/her position in the matter or from answering pertinent questions ofother Board of Director members since his/her knowledge may be of assistance.”


Each Board of Directors member is required to review this policy annually and acknowledge compliance by signing and dating the attached CONFLICT OF INTEREST ANNUAL DISCLOSURE form and returning it to the President by September 1 of each year.  Please fill out the form below.