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29 May

Finding the Public in our Public SoTL

By Eleftheria Laios (Queen’s University), Lisa McKendrick-Calder (MacEwan University), Bryn Keogh (University of Calgary), Whitney Lucas Molitor (University of South Dakota), Lorelli Nowell (University of Calgary), Kerry Wilbur (University of British Columbia) Our five-membered group came together after each of …

21 April

The Good, the Bad, and the Pandemic: An Intra-Group Approach to Exploring Students’ Experiences with Collaborative Learning During COVID-19

By Ella Anghel When the restrictions posed by the pandemic were slowly lifted in 2021, I was teaching an almost entirely online class at a private university in the U.S. This was my second semester teaching, and feedback from students …

20 April

Incorporating Arts-Based Pedagogy: Moving Beyond Traditional Approaches to Teaching Qualitative Research

By Rhia Moreno, Kate Hobgood Guthrie, Katie Strickland As three educators teaching in diverse spaces (an assistant professor from a public university, an assistant professor from a private university, and a public elementary school teacher), this reflective narrative highlights our …

04 April

SoTL: The Next AI Generation

By Earle Abrahamson Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity both abbreviated to AI, have recently become synonymous with modern higher education learning. The discovery of ChatGPT as a tool to creatively generate text has led the HE sector, into a search …

16 March

Students’ Views on the Nature of Science in an Interdisciplinary First-Year Science Program: Content Analysis of a Weekly Reflection Activity

By Nolan N. Bett, Costanza Piccolo, Nathan D. Roberson, A. James Charbonneau and Christopher J. Addison Teaching undergraduate students what science is and how it operates is not a simple task. At the post-secondary level, science courses typically focus on …