Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee fosters discussion within ISSOTL – as an organization but also among members – about the relevance of SoTL for policy debates within and outside of the academy,


Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finances Committee serves as an advisory committee for the Board and for the standing committees that incur substantial expenses and/or take in significant revenue.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining effective communication with and among Society members.


Conferences and Convenings Committee

The Conferences and Convenings Committee oversees the annual conference and other convenings for members of the Society.


Leadership and Elections Committee

The Leadership and Elections Committee identifies and recruits members for active participation in the organization, such as committee membership, positions on the Board of Directors, and other act


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee recruits new members through multiple means and manages the retention of current members through a renewal process and on going conference registration.


Publications Advisory Committee

The Publications Advisory Committee is responsible for strategic planning and coordination of scholarly publications for the Society.


Students & SoTL Committee

The Students & SoTL Committee recognizes the value that the Society places on the role of students in all activities pertaining to teaching and learning, and as such, advocates for meaningful e