Conferences and Convenings Committee

The Conferences and Convenings Committee oversees the annual conference and other convenings for members of the Society. The committee sets the theme for the conference and plans the program of the conference. The committee identifies an appropriate mix of locations for the annual conference that reflects both the distribution of members and the international scope of the Society. Once the location is identified, the committee recruits and vets local hosts for those meetings who can collaborate with the committee in the details of the event. The call for proposals, the financial planning, the program selection, and the collection and distribution of revenue will be handled by sub-committees appointed and supervised by the Conferences and Convenings Committee. 

Current members include:

  • Mills Kelly (ISSOTL President), George Mason University, USA
  • Sarah Bunnell (ISSOTL Board Treasurer), Amherst College, USA
  • Chng Huang Hoon, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Janice Miller-Young, Canada
  • Bettie Higgs, University College Cork, Ireland
  • Jessie L. Moore, Elon University, USA
  • Kelly Matthews, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Nancy Chick, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Oddfrid Førland, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Michelle Yeo (ISSOTL President-Elect), Mt. Royal University, Canada