Wednesday 28th October

Session B4 –Withdrawn

Kerry Howells
Book club as a means of leading change through sharing research in communities of practice

Session B14 – Withdrawn
Jill Lawrence
The Associate Dean (Students) role: Does it work for students and institutions?

Session C9 – Withdrawn
Jude Williams, Heather Alexander
Using scholarship and evaluation in program quality to change institutional policies and practices: a
case study from Griffith University


Thursday 29th October

Session F3 – Room Change now 16.07.003

Jessie Moore, Chris Anson, Liane Robertson
Investigating the Teaching of Writing as a High-Quality High-Impact Practice

Session F4 – Presenter now Justin Walls

Jo-Anne Kelder
Shared leadership in the academy: creating opportunities and meeting expectations to enhance
student learning

Session F6 – Room Change now 16.07.007

Geoff Scott, Chng Huang Hoon, Kerri-Lee Krause, Mustika Indah Khairina
Diversity in the academy: teachers, students, practice, contex

Session F10 – Withdrawn
Karin Oerlemans
Disruption and Change – Introduction of blended learning in the studio space

Session F16 – Presenter now Louise Kuchel
Lucy Mercer-Mapstone
What does the future hold for our teaching, our students and our learning?

Session G6 – Presenter now Melanie Brown and Meredith Seaman
Ruth Moeller
International Suitcase: Developing transnational teaching competencies through an online resource
and community of practice

Session G10 – Presenter now Anna Huggins and Kylie Pappalardo
Rachael Field

The use of animation to promote student learning about the importance of mental well-being for
tertiary study success

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