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Canapii Platform Information

For ISSOTL21 we will be using the Canapii platform.

To access the Canapii platform you will be required to create a profile and password which will be used for the duration of the conference, either when presenting or attending other sessions. If you have already set up a Canapii profile when you registered for ISSOTL2021,  please just retain your password and login here on the event days.  If not, please ensure you do so prior to the start of the conference.

Please use the “forgot password” function that appears on the login page if necessary and if you have any issues, please contact If you are unfamiliar with Canapii,  please take some time to familiarise yourself with its features.

Here is an Atendee Guide to help you make the most of your conference experience.


As a presenter you will be able to share your screen, mute, unmute and answer questions via the chat function, which your moderator will manage during your Q&A time. This speaker’s guide to using Canapii will assist you with your session.

ISSOTL2021 will be live as of 19 October 2021 at which time you will be able to not only view your session details but also start building your own viewing schedule and create chats with your colleagues. Please refer to the attached Attendee Guide for further information.


Please review the Moderator Guide.

Enjoy ISSOTL21!