ISSOTL Student Caucus

The student special interest group would like to invite all student members of ISSOTL to the first ISSOTL Student Caucus – a virtual meeting space for student representatives and members to congregate, share ideas, network, and contribute valuable student perspectives to ISSOTL. We hope to run student caucus events several times a year to provide a regular opportunity for students to connect. Our first event will take place online on the 25th October at 7pm EDT / 26th October at 10am Sydney just before the conference welcome. We’ll provide an introduction to the caucus and a discussion about what to expect at the conference, then you’ll have the opportunity to meet and get to know your fellow student members. 

To join, please visit this link.

Problem-Based Learning Interest Group

The PBL-IG during the conference on Thursday Oct 28 at 9:30-10:30am CST (U.S.), 3:30-4:30pm London time, 8:30pm Perth time. This will be held as part of the conference, so participants must register for the conference to participate.