Conference Fees

Please see the conference fees for ISSOTL 2023 below. Until 15 September 2023, you are eligible to receive our Early Bird Discount. Please note: we only have a limited amount of spots, so recommend registering as soon as possible!

  • Early Bird Member | $545 / Regular Member | $645 
  • Early Bird Non-Member | $695 / Regular Non-Member | $795 
  • Early Bird Student Rate | $275 / Student Regular | $325 
  • ICWG* non-student | $400 
  • ICWG* student | $250

*= ISSOTL Collaborative Writing Group. Please notice: this is on invitation only.  

Please note: if you are not (yet) a member of ISSOTL, we recommend purchasing a 1-2 year membership as the conference fee for non-members is higher than the total conference fee for members plus the fee for the membership. If you wish to register as an ISSOTL-member, you can do so via the button ‘Become a member’ in the top right corner of this webpage.  

Costs for one or two year Membership 

One Year Membership 
  • $40 for students 
  • $65 for retired or part-time faculty/staff
  • $75 for administrators/faculty/staff 

One-year memberships expire 12 months from the day of purchase. 

Two Year Membership 
  • $70 for students 
  • $120 for retired or part-time faculty/staff 
  • $140 for administrators/faculty/staff 

Two-year memberships expire 24 months from the day of purchase. 

Cancellation Policy 

If you can unfortunately no longer make it to the conference and would like to cancel your registration, we will have to charge $325. You will receive a refund, minus the aforementioned cancellation fee. If you have any questions regarding our cancellation policy, please contact us at