Conference Presentations

ISSOTL22 Conference Presentations:

  1. Who Can Do SoTL? A consultative research initiative for amplified Experiential Learning. 
  2. Using Community of Practice to Inform SoTL Transformation and Growth. Five university instructors’ reflections. 
  3. Transformative Multidisciplinary Scholarship and Teaching Projects for Diversity and Inclusion
  4. The Ethics of Equity when Engaging Students as Partners in SoTL Research
  5. Talking About Teaching and Learning (TATAL): A Collaborative-reflective / Student as Partner Pedagogy  
  6. Student Engagement through Digital Education
  7. SoTL as Inclusive Transdisciplinary Inquiry
  8. Perspectives on Multilingual Students Writing Across the Curriculum
  9. Online Project-Based Teaching: Evidence of Transfer in a Professional Development Program for Graduate Student Instructors

  10. Offering Students Diverse Competency-based Interprofessional Learning Opportunities 
  11. Multidisciplinary Scholarship and Teaching Projects for Diversity and Inclusion in a Historically Black University
  12. Love, Hope & Beauty: Nurturing a Shared Vision for Justice-oriented Change in Higher Education 
  13. Leading Change at the Programme Level
  14. School of Nursing – Georgia Southern 
  15. InterProfessional Learning Collaboration & Educational Opportunities Among Clinical Social Work and Counselor Education Students
  16. International Collaboration through Design Thinking: A case study of the global classroom for democracy innovation (GCDI)
  17. Improving Underrepresented Minority Student Persistence in STEM: Are early intervention programs impactful?
  18. History of Radiological Sciences Involvement in Interprofessional Education 
  19. Highlighting the Need for Transformation in Online Pedagogy in Meeting the Needs of Diverse Students
  20. Exploring Strategies to Improve Student Performance in Elementary Spanish Classes
  21. Ethical Space of Engagement in Curriculum Development Processes: Indigenous Guiding Principles for Curriculum Development Projects 
  22. Embodying Perspectives: Exploring epistemic justice through critical, transdisciplinary co-creation in participatory performing arts practice
  23. Contextualized Community of Inquiry Framework for Blended Learning Environments  
  24. At the Intersections of SoTL and Self: Unpacking Pandemic Transformations of and Fostering Resilience in SoTL
  25. Assessing Curriculum Alignment with Vision and Change: Impacts on Student Outcomes