Blossom in the city centre of Utrecht

Conference Programme

From Wednesday to Friday we will gather at Het Spoorwegmuseum (Railway Museum) for various inspiring keynotes, (pre-conference) workshops, panels and poster presentations. On Wednesday evening, we will open the conference together in the large Expo, followed by our Reception Dinner. In line with our UU-policy, food and beverages will be vegetarian, vegan and sourced locally. We will offer two lunch shifts on Wednesday (for pre-conference participants),Thursday and Friday and in one of these shifts you can choose to join a fun “fringe” session such as a guided walking tour of the historic city centre or a session offered by fellow participants. On Saturday, we will gather at the Academiegebouw (University Hall) for our last morning. We will close the conference with lunch. 

Conference venues

ISSOTL 2023 takes place at two venues located in Utrecht’s city centre. both venues can be easily reached by foot, bike or by public transport and are accessible for wheelchair users. From Wednesday to Friday, we will gather at ‘Het Spoorwegmuseum (Railway Museum). This venue has a rich heritage with its industrial past and its unique ambiance will captivate you from the moment you set foot in the Entry Hall! We will change to a different venue on Saturday 11 November. For that day, we will gather at the Academiegebouw (University Hall) of Utrecht University. The building itself dates back to 1886. However, the largest room in this building, called the Treaty of Utrecht Hall, goes back much further. It was in this very hall that the Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1579, an event that is generally viewed as marking the origin of the Netherlands. We are looking forward to hosting you at these magnificent buildings. 

Social and cultural activities

We would love to show you the highlights of our beautiful city of Utrecht. Join us for one of the cultural activities we are organising especially for ISSOTL participants! 

You can select one, two or all three activities. You can combine climbing the Dom Tower with a visit to DomUnder, on either Wednesday afternoon or Saturday afternoon. 

Climb the Dom Tower with us! 

Standing at a height of 112 metres, the Dom Tower is the iconic symbol of Utrecht. During the course of the last 700 years, the tower has stood witness to much of Utrecht’s tumultuous past. Join us for a climb to the top via the staircase or take the elevator, for stunning views over the city and its canals below. This activity is organised on Wednesday- and Saturday afternoon.  

Explore ‘DomUnder’ 

Did you know that the city of Utrecht dates back to Roman times? In this tour, we will go down below the Dom square, and explore the historical treasures from 2000 years ago to now, including the tumultuous Middle Ages. This activity is organised on Wednesday- and Saturday afternoon.  

A visit to ‘Kasteel de Haar’ (Castle) & Gardens 

Join us for a visit to the largest castle of the Netherlands, located just outside of Utrecht. We will take you there from the conference venue, and back. The castle dates back to Medieval Times and has a very rich history. Behind almost every door, there’s a story to tell! A story about earlier times, different cultures and interesting characters. For instance, in the last century, the castle also frequently hosted members of the international jet-set with their lavish lifestyle; from Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Brigitte Bardot to Roger Moore, they too left their mark on the sumptuous rooms of the most opulent spot in Utrecht. More information can be found on their website. We would love to show you around!