Leadership and Elections Committee

The Leadership and Elections Committee identifies and recruits members for active participation in the organization, such as committee membership, positions on the Board of Directors, and other activities of the organization. The committee proposes a slate of at least one nominee for each vacant elected office to the Board of Directors, which approves the proposed ballot. The committee supervises the election process, notifies candidates about the results of the election, and presents the results of the election to the President, who announces the results.

Current members include:

  • Beth Marquis (Chair, ISSOTL Past Co-President Elect), McMaster MacPherson Institute, Canada
  • Katarina Martensson (Chair, ISSOTL Past Co-President Elect), Lund University, Sweden
  • Sandra Beach, University of Queensland, Ausralia
  • Bettie Higgs, University College Cork, Ireland
  • Mills Kelly, George Mason University, USA
  • Lauren Scharff, United States Air Force Academy, USA
  • Heather Smith, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada
  • Michelle Yeo, Mount Royal University, Canada