Recognition Committee Content

Co-chaired by Nancy Krusen (ISSOTL, US Vice President) and Dawne Irving-Bell (ISSOTL, Member-at-Large)

The Recognition Committee supports and promotes Society membership and its forms of recognition.

The Recognition Committee oversees membership benefits. With support from the Executive Director and web developer, the committee regularly evaluates, communicates, and, when possible, enhances member benefits, including opportunities for participation within the Society. The committee motivates the ISSOTL Interest Groups and encourages their connections and contributions to the Society. The committee also recruits from ISSOTL membership a pool of reviewers for relevant Society activities (e.g., submissions for the annual conference and Teaching & Learning Inquiry, nominations for relevant awards, applications for the ISSOTL Fellows). Finally, in consultation with relevant committees, the Recognition Committee oversees and coordinates the processes for Board elections and adjudication of Society awards and other distinctions.

The Recognition Committee oversees the selection processes involving the Society’s members. For elections, the committee prepares the calls for nominations, makes every effort to recruit a diverse slate of candidates, and proposes a slate of at least one nominee for each vacant elected office to the Board, which approves the proposed ballot. The committee supervises the election process, shares the results with the Board for ratification, notifies candidates about the results of the election, and presents results to the President, who announces successful candidates. For the adjudication of awards and distinctions (i.e., Emerging Scholars Fund, Student Presentation and Poster Awards at the annual conference, ISSOTL Fellows), the committee calls for nominations or applications, supervises the adjudication process, notifies nominees and applicants about the results, and presents the results to the President, who announces the successful candidates.

The Recognition Committee is co-chaired by an ISSOTL Regional Vice President and a member at large. To maintain institutional memory, staggered terms are recommended. Members will include at least one student representative, a representative of the Inclusion Subcommittee of the Board, a representative of the Finance Subcommittee of the Board, the ISSOTL Past President, the ISSOTL Secretary, and other members as appointed by the co-chairs.