Advancing Undergraduate Research

Interdisciplinary network for faculty and administrators who are interested in investigating undergraduate research through the lens of the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Arts and Humanities

We are an international network of ISSOTL members who are teachers and scholars in the various disciplines of the arts a


Decoding the Disciplines

Since its inception in the late 1990s the Decoding the Disciplines approach has been used by instructors, faculty developers, and educational researchers in at least nine countries as a means of in


General Education

Are you someone who is involved in planning, teaching, or assessing curricula for your institution’s general education program or core curriculum?  Are you responsible for the development of facult


Information Literacy

Information Literacy


ISSOTL in History

ISSOTL in History


National Teaching Fellows & Institutional Teaching Award Winners

Are you a national teaching fellow or an institutional teaching award winner interested to exchange experiences and explore collaborative scholarship opportunities with international colleagues per


Blending Teaching and Learning

This interest group represents an international, interdisciplinary network of teachers and scholars committed to discussion, inquiry, and collaboration to explore fully the trends, potential, and c


Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an active learning pedagogy in which students collaborate in groups to solve complex problems.


Scholarship of Leading

Committed to pursuing scholarly work on the relationships between leading, teaching and learning, this interest group’s mission is to create opportunities for dialogue, to promote scholarly researc



Are you a sociologist interested in SOTL? Would you like to join a group of other sociologists for SOTL networking?


    Student Engagement & Co-Inquiry

    This ISSOTL Interest Group on Student Engagement & Co-Inquiry serves as an international, interdisciplinary network for ISSOTL members who are committed to pursuing SoTL projects on the topic o



Students as Co-Inquirers

Are you a faculty/ staff member who is interested in partnering with students on SOTL inquiry projects?