Students & SoTL Committee

The Students & SoTL Committee recognizes the value that the Society places on the role of students in all activities pertaining to teaching and learning, and as such, advocates for meaningful engagement of students in SoTL and the Society. The committee’s responsibilities include: (a) acting as a direct line of communication between the Board and other groups within the Society that have particular interest in or relevance to students, including certain Special Interest Groups; (b) managing the Society’s student awards including advertising, coordinating of judges, tabulation of results, and announcing the awards; (c) coordinating student events at the annual conference; (d) responding to relevant requests from the Board and the Society’s members; and (e) identifying recruitment and retention measures to increase and sustain student membership in the Society.

Committee members include:

  • Lucie Sam Dvorakova (ISSOTL Board Student Representative; Co-Chair), University of Edinburgh, UK

  • Sophia Abbot (ISSOTL Board Student Representative; Co-Chair), Elon University, USA

  • Angela Zito (General society member – student), University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

  • Phillip Motley (General society member – faculty), Elon University, USA

  • Lucy Mercer-Mapstone (Student Engagement SIG representative), University of Technology Sydney, AU

  • Trent Mauer (Undergraduate Research SIG representative), Georgia Southern University, USA

  • Rita Kumar (General society member – faculty), University of Cincinnati, USA