Advocacy Committee

Chaired by Earle Abrahamson (ISSOTL, Member-at-Large)

The Advocacy Committee promotes an active membership that’s engaged in relevant advocacy within and beyond the Society. This advocacy implements the mission’s charge to “support, review, recognition, and appropriate uses of SoTL,” including but not limited to elevating the role, value, and contributions of SoTL at educational institutions and in the public; championing the international nature of the Society; ensuring student involvement in SoTL; and supporting SoTL as part of a career trajectory.

The Advocacy Committee engages members in such advocacy by promoting relevant communication and interaction with and among Society members. With support from the Executive Director and web developer, and in consultation with the Publications Committee, the committee creates and solicits relevant content for the Society’s newsletters, blog, listserv, and members-only webspaces.

The Advocacy Committee also facilitates ISSOTL members’ advocacy by engaging them beyond ISSOTL. The committee promotes relevant communication and interaction beyond membership to extend the reach and influence of the Society. It shepherds (i.e., calls for, selects, and orients co-leaders; serves as consultants to co-leaders as needed) the Public Scholarship model of the International Collaborative Writing Groups. It also guides and provides substantive support for (i.e., updates the calls for applications, orients, and leads) the ISSOTL Fellows. The committee also forges relationships with SoTL groups in other world regions, coordinating with Convenings Committee as they connect with any specific events.

The Advocacy Committee is co-chaired by an ISSOTL Regional Vice President and a member at large. To maintain institutional memory, staggered terms are recommended. Members will include at least one student representative, a representative of the Inclusion Subcommittee of the Board, a representative of the Finance Subcommittee of the Board, and other members as appointed by the co-chairs.

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