Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of up to seventeen (17) persons. Any member is eligible to be nominated for office. Candidates for the leadership role of President-elect, however, must have previously served on the Board of Directors or have been active enough in the Society to have comprehensive knowledge of its history, goals, and responsibilities as determined by the Leadership and Elections Committee.

Current Board Members

  • Sarah Bunnell (President)
  • Nancy Chick (Past Co-President)
  • Chng Huang Hoon (Past Co-President)
  • Raj Chaudhury (President Elect)*
  • Karena Waller (Asia Pacific Vice President)
  • Michelle J. Eady (Asia Pacific Vice President)*
  • Andrea Webb (Canada Vice President)
  • Melanie Hamilton (Canada Vice President)
  • Claire Hamshire (Europe Vice President)*
  • Rie Troelsen (Europe Vice President)
  • Hillary Steiner (United States Vice President)
  • Nancy Krusen (United States Vice President)*
  • Joe Bradley (Student Vice President)
  • Nicole Galante (Student Vice President)*
  • John Egan (Treasurer)**
  • Mary Ann Danielson (Secretary)**

Members of the Board of Directors’ Inclusion Subcommittee, tasked with foregrounding this priority from the Strategic Plan.  This subcommittee is chaired by Raj Chaudhury.

** Members of the Board of Directors’ Finance Subcommittee, tasked with reviewing the annual budget.