ISSOTL Fellows Program

2021 Update

In light of the twin circumstances of the pandemic and ISSOTL’s new structure, the Board of Directors have decided the Society and Fellows Program are better served if we spend some time reviewing the initiative and more actively engaging the two cohorts of 18 ISSOTL Fellows. We will therefore suspend the call for application for a new cohort for the time being. Look instead for opportunities to connect with the ISSOTL Fellows this year and updates about the program next year.

2020 Fellows
  • Michelle J. Eady, Associate Professor, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Mandy Frake-Mistak, Educational Developer, York University, Canada
  • Melanie Hamilton, EdD Candidate, Western University & Educational Development Specialist, Lethbridge College, Canada
  • Amrita Kaur, Senior Lecturer (Educational Psychology), Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Hasitha Mahabaduge, Assistant Professor of Physics, Georgia College, USA
  • Patrick Maher, Dean of Teaching, Nipissing University, Canada
  • Marian McCarthy, Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL), University College Cork, Ireland
  • Lucy Mercer-Mapstone, Lecturer in Curriculum, The University of Sydney, Australia
  • Jane Pritchard, Principal Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

2019 Fellows
  • Earle Abrahamson,  (University of East London, UK)
  • Anita Acai,  (McMaster University, Canada)
  • Qi Gao,  (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)
  • Ruth Healey,  (University of Chester, UK)
  • Kirsten Jack,  (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
  • David Pace,  (Indiana University Bloomington, USA)
  • Nachamma Sockalingam, (Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore)
  • Roselynn Verwoord, (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • Cherie Woolmer,  (McMaster University, Canada)

    About the ISSOTL Fellows Program

    Vision, Mission, & Values


    The ISSOTL Fellowship empowers communities of learners committed to scholarship, mentorship, leadership, and engagement in SoTL in its many forms.


    The ISSOTL Fellows Program identifies and supports champions, allies, and advocates for SoTL in order to have a positive impact on the landscape of higher education internationally.


    We value community engagement and global citizenship

      • We value ethical citizenship, moral reasoning, and civic engagement
      • We value community building and capacity building
      • We value inclusivity, diversity, and equity

    We value collaboration

      • We value collaboration as a fundamental process in building capacities for new ways of thinking, doing, and learning
      • We value rigorous research and knowledge mobilization that engages many communities across disciplines, ranks, and regions
      • We value critical reflection, transparency, and accountability

    We value student experiences

      • We value holistic, meaningful, intentional approaches to higher education
      • We value students as producers and collaborators in their own learning journeys
      • We value a holistic approach to learning within the classroom and beyond – with an understanding that mental, physical, social, and intellectual health are inextricably intertwined


    The ISSOTL Fellowship recognizes leaders who have made exemplary contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning at the local, national, regional, and/or international levels. The community of ISSOTL Fellows embodies the highest ideals of teaching and learning and scholarship with a commitment to supporting established and emerging learners and scholars in the pursuit of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing. This fellowship – at its core – is a community of learners committed to scholarship, mentorship, leadership, and engagement in SoTL in its many forms.


    Our aim is to develop an ISSOTL Fellows Program that will benefit all members of ISSOTL and have an impact on the landscape of higher education internationally. Fellows are champions, allies, and advocates for SoTL and they are mentors for emerging SoTL leaders. Furthermore, these fellows represent diverse models of excellence in their disciplinary fields, professional roles, and scholarly engagement.


    ISSOTL exists because of, and for, its membership. Active member participation is vital for the society to grow and develop a thriving community that sustains ISSOTL into the future. The ISSOTL Fellows Program exists to

    • recognize scholars around the world
    • engage in SoTL
    • raise the profile of ISSOTL
    • help foster communities of practice
    • build opportunities for collaboration
    • encourage mentorship opportunities



    Fellows will meet the following criteria:

    • ISSOTL Member in good standing at the time of their application
    • Submission of a SoTL Dossier as described below
    • Dossier Components (See extended guidelines):
      • 1.0. Statement of Philosophy of SoTL and Educational Leadership: The nominee will reflect on the value of SoTL work in general and their philosophy of educational leadership as it relates to SoTL. (1-2 pages)
      • 2.0. Evidence of sustained engagement, leadership, and impact in the field of SoTL local, national, regional, and/or international levels. (10-15 pages total). Evidence can take various forms, including
        • Conference presentations at ISSOTL conferences (which include regional ISSoTL affiliated conferences, e.g. EuroSoTL, SOTL in the South)
        • Authored or co-authored SoTL-related chapters, books, or papers in internationally recognized SoTL or disciplinary journals
        • Leadership-level contributions to the broader field of SoTL (e.g. other conferences, SoTL outreach through websites or blogs)
        • Service to ISSOTL
        • Projects, initiatives, programs dedicated to mentorship, collaboration and work with communities of practice
          Demonstrates an interest in helping to develop others and a commitment to the pursuit of lifelong learning in the field of teaching and learning in higher education
      • 3.0. Two Letters of Support (minimum) from anyone who can speak to the types of engagement and impact the nominee has had in the field of SoTL. Letters might be written by students, staff, faculty, administrators, community members, etc.
    Submission Guidelines

    The dossier should not exceed 25 pages, including all evidence and letters of support. It should be submitted as PDF with 2.5cm margins, single-spaced, Arial 12 point font.

    Submit Your 2020 Dossier  (Limit: 1 PDF file, 100 MB max; Deadline [extended]: 4:30 PM Eastern on 6 March 2020)

    A Maximum of 10 fellows selected annually.

    Fellowship Benefits for Fellow Recipients

    The ISSOTL Fellowship recognizes excellence and provides Fellows with recognition at their home institutions and internationally for the valuable work they do in SoTL. The ISSOTL Fellowship creates membership in a community of peers who are mentors, collaborators, learners, and partners. Furthermore, the ISSOTL Fellowship raises the profile and increases perceptions of value around SoTL beyond ISSOTL. The Fellows Program enhances opportunities for collaboration across regions and disciplines, facilitates mentorship opportunities, and increases awareness and value of SoTL work for Fellows and for SoTL more generally.

    Recognition for Fellows
    • Professional development opportunities (e.g. conference panel participation, publication in TLI)
    • Opportunities to connect with Fellows across regions for potential collaborations and projects
    • Listed on conference website with ‘ISSOTL Fellowship Spotlight
    • Celebrated at annual conference in year awarded ISSOTL Fellowship status through a Fellowship Awards ceremony.
    • ISSOTL Fellowship logo on conference nametag
    • Certificate for their portfolio and email signature logo to designate membership in fellowship
    • Letter from ISSOTL President acknowledging the bestowal of the fellowship
    • Willingness to serve on the ISSOTL Fellows Review Committee
    • Commitment to mentorship (e.g. attending the “new to ISSOTL” panel, mentoring a graduate student at the conference, working with others regionally or in disciplinary areas to enhance SoTL, etc.)
    • Commitment to engagement with emerging scholars
    • Attend the ISSOTL Conference the year they are awarded the fellowship, where possible.
    • Interested in sitting on a panel/round table at ISSOTL

    See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.