Convenings Committee

Co-chaired by Sarah Bunnell (ISSOTL, Past President) and Melanie Hamilton (ISSOTL, Canada Vice President)

The Convenings Committee represents the Society’s mission and values in the selection and programming of the annual conference and other events.

The Convenings Committee oversees the process for selecting future conference hosts and sites, prioritizing an appropriate mix of locations that reflects both the distribution of members and the international scope of the Society. With support from the Executive Director and liaising with the local hosts, the Convenings Committee also ensures that the annual conference includes signature ISSOTL components. These regular features include meetings for the Board, standing committees, Interest Groups, International Collaborative Writing Groups, and general membership; welcome gatherings for newcomers and students; a buddy system for interested newcomers; regular sessions for Teaching & Learning Inquiry and the ISSOTL Fellows; the Conference Commons and book exhibit; and announcements of awards. 

The Convenings Committee also seeks synergies with events sponsored by other world regional groups (e.g., SoTL in the South, EuroSoTL, Asia SoTL, China SoTL, SoTL Canada, Latin SoTL).

The Convenings Committee is co-chaired by the ISSOTL Past-President and an ISSOTL Regional Vice President. Members will include at least one student representative, a representative of the Inclusion Subcommittee of the Board, a representative of the Finance Subcommittee of the Board, the Regional Vice Presidents whose regions are associated with the sites of the upcoming two conferences, a representative from the last conference host, a representative from the next conference host, and other members as appointed by the co-chairs.