Presenter Information

As we move closer to the start of ISSOTL22, the conference organizers would like to provide more information about the logistics of presenting your session to assist with your preparations.

ISSOTL Conference Pedagogy

Please refer to the ISSOTL Conference Pedagogy guide for more information about the ISSOTL approach to sharing knowledge.

In-Person Poster Session (Thursday, November 3, 5:00-7:00 pm, Pacific)

  • We will supply push pins/thumbtacks and poster boards (48” wide x 36” tall; 121.92 cm x 91.44 cm).

  • Each poster can be no larger than these dimensions.

  • Font should be readable from 3-5 feet (1-1.5 m) away (24 point at least).

  • Handouts/QR codes with additional or more detailed information are welcome.

  • The number provided in the program will be your location in the foyer floor where you will hang your poster.

If you wish to have your posters printed in Kelowna, there are two main printing options, where 48” x 36” posters cost about $75 Canadian.

  1. Rayacom: walking distance of the Delta)

  2. Fast Signs (Paula is the contact): (This one is not within walking distance; however, Leslie lives nearby and could pick up your posters and bring them all on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. Just make sure to prepay and let Paula know that she will be picking it up!)

Virtual Exhibit Hall Poster Session:

For those who would also like to participate in our virtual poster session, then please submit a PDF version of your poster before October 17, 2022 to Leslie.Shayer “at” and ISSOTL22 “at” Again, posters should be 48″ x 36″ (4:3) dimension, PDF only, with large font (24 point at least).

Paper Presentations: 1 hour or 1.5-hour sessions, 2-3 papers per room

  • Papers have been grouped by common themes, with 2 paper presentations scheduled for each room during 60-minute sessions and 3 papers scheduled for each room during 90-minute sessions.

  • Each paper has 30 minutes for presentation. Please reserve 10 minutes of your time for questions and discussion.

  • A volunteer will play the role of timekeeper during your session and will make sure that everyone has their allotted 30 minutes.

  • To ensure that each presenter has the full amount of time to present, please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the concurrent session (not your individual presentation) to avoid being disruptive to other presenters and to set up your presentation in the room.

  • Internet access and a projector will be available in your presentation room.

Workshop Presentations: 1.5-hour sessions

  • There will be no additional facilitator for your session. Please make sure your workshop begins and ends on time.

  • Your session should offer an opportunity for interaction and hands-on work on a question, topic, or method, allowing for multiple perspectives to enter the conversation.

  • Internet access and a projector will be available in your presentation room.

Panel Presentations: 1-hour sessions

  • There will be no additional facilitator or moderator for your session. It will be the responsibility of the panel to guide discussion and ensure the session begins and ends on time.

  • Because panels need to reserve at least 20 minutes for discussion among panelists and audience members, our suggested format for panels is for each speaker to introduce themselves and their topic in a 5–10-minute segment as time allows and then ensure adequate time remains for discussion.

  • Internet access and a projector will be available in your presentation room.