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Students & SoTL Committee Seeks Members

Since today’s students are the future of tomorrow’s SoTL research, the ISSOTL Board has approved the formation of a new Students & SoTL Committee which is now seeking new members.  According to the Committee’s terms of reference we need a regular non-student ISSOTL member, as well as two student members (preferably one undergraduate student and one graduate student) who would be willing to serve on the Committee for the 2015-2016 election year.  Preference will be given to prospective members who plan to attend ISSOTL 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. 

This committee is tasked with:

  • formally representing the Society’s three student-related SIGs (Advancing Undergraduate Research, Students as Co-Inquirers, and Student Engagement) in communication to the Board;
  • managing all aspects of the ISSOTL Student Awards including advertising, coordinating judges, tabulating results, announcing award winners, etc.;
  • coordinating all aspects of the annual ISSOTL conference’s Student Welcome Event;
  • responding to the Board’s and the general membership’s requests pertaining to students and SoTL;
  • identifying recruitment and retention measures to help increase and sustain (student) membership in ISSOTL.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining this committee, please submit a formal, written nomination via email to either Aaron Long or Roselynn Verwoord

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