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Seeking New Members for the Publications Advisory Committee

The Publications Advisory Committee (PAC) is charged with stewardship of the ISSOTL journal, Teaching & Learning Inquiry (TLI), including its financial health and sustainability, and its alignment with the mission of ISSOTL. See ISSOTL bylaws for further information about the PAC.

The PAC is seeking to add new members, and we are especially eager to welcome individuals who can make contributions in any of the following areas:

  1. Expertise in marketing, including the use of social media, to help promote Teaching & Learning Inquiry, in ways that expand the journal’s reach and impact.
  2. Experience with issues of scholarly communication, particularly around ensuring that TLI is visible in academic libraries, appropriate databases and indexes. An understanding of archiving practices for journals would also be useful.
  3. A student perspective, either undergraduate or graduate, on strategies for expanding  interest in and commitment to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

If you are interested in joining the PAC, please send expressions of interest, and a brief statement about the contributions you can make, to PAC chair, Pat Hutchings at

Current PAC members:
Sean Brawley, Mick Healey, Pat Hutchings, Margy MacMillan, Rebecca Nowacek, Tony Ciccone (as liaison to the ISSOTL Board), and Nancy Chick and Gary Poole (ex officio, as co-editors of TLI)

Note, too, that in March, the PAC will be sharing a call for applications for a co-editor for Teaching & Learning Inquiry.

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