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Call for ICWG24 Group Participants

This year marks the 20th anniversary of ISSOTL. The 2024 cohort of International Collaborative Writing Groups (ICWG) will focus on the conference theme of “Reflecting and Reinvigorating: The Past, Present, and Future of ISSOTL” and invites participants to explore who we are as a Society, how we came to be, what has worked, what is missing, what could be, and how ISSOTL fits into the broader history of SoTL.

ISSOTL has selected Jennifer Friberg, Claire Saunders, and Mandy Frake as the Co-Leaders for this ICWG cohort, and applications for group facilitators have resulted in four exciting projects (below), each responding to the theme in different ways. 

ICWG24 Group Projects

Click each title below to read its overview, facilitators, and modality.

Applications for ICWG24 Group Participants

We now invite applications from all ISSOTL members (faculty, staff, students, administrators, etc.) who are interested in joining one of the four ICWGs described above. We especially encourage students to apply since the goal is to have one student member in each group.  Applicants will be asked to provide the following:

  • Group: Top 2 choices, ranked (and if Project 3 is one of your choices, your modality of participation)
  • Contribution:  What you believe you can contribute to the group through your background expertise, prior writing experience, other relevant skills, and/or personal interests and values
  • Benefit: How you hope to benefit from the ICWG24 experience

Applications are due April 15. (See the full ICWG24 timeline below.)  After receiving all applications, we will form groups of six to eight members, including the facilitators.  A key strength of the ICWG Initiative is the diversity of each group’s membership, so we will strive to form each group based on applicants’ preferred topic and the following goals:  

  • A wide international coverage
  • A mixture of junior and senior faculty and at least one student
  • A range of disciplines

To avoid confusion later, we ask that applicants make sure they’re aware of the goals, costs and commitments, and timeline for this ICWG before applying to participate.  See below, and please contact Mandy Frake ( with any questions before applying.  

To apply, click here or the button below.  Applications are due April 15.


ICWG24 Goals 

The aims of ISSOTL’s 2024 ICWG cohort are the following:

  • build the capacity of participants to innovate and work effectively in international collaborative groups,
  • capture the collective historical knowledge into a set of products that live on beyond the individual,
  • document ISSOTL’s collective history (i.e., explore who we are, how we came to be, what has worked, what is missing, what could be, and how ISSOTL fits into the broader history of SoTL), and
  • foster creativity in identifying the best product(s) for the work of the group.

Costs and Commitments

All participants in this ICWG24 cohort will convene on October 27-28, immediately prior to the ISSOTL24 conference in French Lick, Indiana, USA (October 28-31, 2024).  

  • All ICWG leaders, group facilitators, and participants selected for in-person groups are expected to attend the pre-conference working session in-person, and to register for and attend in-person the ISSOTL24 conference. 
  • Participants selected for the hybrid group are expected to attend the pre-conference working session virtually or in-person. 

Before and after the conference, all groups will work together online to complete their projects no later than October 2025.   

ICWG registration costs are as follows: $200 for student participants, $375 for non-student participants. Registration costs include participation in all ICWG sessions and activities, breakfast (October 27 & 28), lunch (October 27 & 28), and dinner (October 27), as well as a social event the afternoon of October 27. Participants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation fees and arrangements. 

ICWG24 Timeline

Once established, the groups will refine their topic and begin work on their projects according to the timeline below. 

  Formation of the ICWGs

Co-Leaders selected (January 2024)

  • Mandy Frake, York University (Canada)
  • Jennifer Friberg, Illinois State University (USA)
  • Claire Saunders, Open University (United Kingdom)

Group Facilitators

  • January 15:  Call for group facilitators
  • January 30:  Applications for group facilitators due including preferred modality (fully virtual vs. virtual with face-to-face working session at ISSOTL24)
  • February 15:  Group facilitators announced


  • Mid-March: Call for participants
  • April 15:  Applications for participants due
  • April 30:  Participants announced
  ICWGs Work at a Distance
  • April 15:  Groups start work
  • September 15: Abstracts, plans, & identified needs from each group due
….. ICWGs Work Together Preceding ISSOTL24 Conference
  • October 27-28, 2024:  Working session preceding the ISSOTL24 conference.  All co-leaders, group facilitators, and group participants will participate in this working session in person in Indiana, with identified members of the hybrid group participating via Zoom.
  ISSOTL24 Conference
  • October 28-31, 2024: ISSOTL’s 20th anniversary conference in French Lick, Indiana (USA). All co-leaders, group facilitators, and group participants who attend the in-person pre-conference working session are expected to also attend the ISSOTL24 conference.
  ICWGs Work at a Distance
  • November 2024 – October 2025: ICWG cohort and individual groups continue working until completion
  • October 2025: Final products due, recommend presenting at ISSOTL25

Please send any queries about the ICWG24s to Mandy Frake (


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