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Invitation: Field a Question for Professor Elizabeth Minnich

If you were at ISSOTL-Bergen this October, you would have heard Professor Elizabeth Minnich’s keynote lecture. You would also know that we did not get a chance to engage her in Q&A.

Good news! Prof Minnich has agreed to do a written Q&A on a short list of questions, and we plan for this to be featured as a Dialogue piece in a September 2019 issue of TLI.

If you have heard her lecture and/or are familiar with her works, we invite you to contribute a question or two on an issue that is important to you.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  1. As Prof Minnich’s works cover a wide range of important issues (e.g. ethics, (purpose of) education, what being human entails, democratic participation; inclusion/exclusion etc.), you are free to ask any question.
  2. Prof Minnich will select which questions she will answer.
  3. In some cases Prof Minnich, together with TLI editors, may decide to combine related questions.
  4. Please also note that as there is space/word limit for this dialogue piece, we may not be able to feature every question we receive.
  5. Deadline: Please submit your question(s) either to your Regional VP or to Chng Huang Hoon at by mid-January 2019

Hope to hear from you!

Huang Hoon