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2022 Gary Poole Distinguished Reviewer Award

Daniel Guberman is the recipient of the 2022 Gary Poole Distinguished Reviewer Award.  His anonymous review for Teaching & Learning Inquiry was one of four nominated reviews, and was finally selected as the recipient of this year’s award by a committee of previous recipients.

The editorial team of Teaching & Learning Inquiry developed this award to honor founding co-editor Gary Poole upon his retirement, as he was instrumental in developing the journal’s thoughtful, rigorous, and developmental peer review ethos. Nominations are evaluated by the nomination letter, the text of the nominated reviews, and the reviewing history of nominated reviewers in relation to the award criteria: review content (substantive feedback that reflects TLI’s mission, scope, and review criteria and provides helpful ideas for moving the submission forward), review style (clear writing, constructive tone), and the responsiveness of reviewer (timely, reliable responses to invitations to review and completion of reviews).

The committee’s unanimous decision was based on the fact that Guberman has reviewed regularly for TLI and always provided clear and constructive reviews, offering substantive, meaningful feedback in a supportive tone that engages with the author and the goals of each article. In reviews, Guberman has emphasized the international nature of TLI as well as its interdisciplinary audience, encouraging authors to make these connections explicit in their work.

Gubeman’s generous and substantial contributions to TLI and to the scholarship of teaching and learning fully embody the nature of the Poole Award, and TLI is delighted to recognize this work, the outstanding service to TLI and to the broader SoTL community! 

Teaching & Learning Inquiry celebrates the generosity, expertise, insight, and labour of its reviewers by granting this award.

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