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25 October

POSTER | Journal Club: An Innovative Teaching Practice to Foster Peer Connection and Enhance Information Literacy Skills

Post-secondary educators help students develop foundational skills needed for academicand career success. This includes fostering the information literacy (IL) skills, such ascritical reading, evidence gathering, and knowledge synthesis, needed for students toparticipate in scholarly and disciplinary conversations. Most post-secondary educators …

16 October

Experiences with Supporting Teachers with Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at a Research-Intensive University: Lessons Learned

By Irma Meijerman, Femke Kirschner and Frans Prins Many faculty members struggle with how to start with SoTL, especially at research-intensive universities. What challenges do they face? What hurdles are there to be taken?But mainly, how can we support those …

25 September

Using Scenarios to Explore the Tone, Language and Behaviors of Student-Faculty Partnership

By Cherie Woolmer, Nattalia Godbold, Isabel Treanor, Natalie McCray, Ketevan Kupatadze, Peter Felten and Catherine Bovill As a group of students and faculty, we wanted to explore the real experiences of what it’s liketo “do” partnership, which pushed beyond some …