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POSTER | Embracing SoTL in Human Movement Sciences: A Collaborative Journey

As educators within Human Movement Sciences (HMS) at a South African tertiary institution, there’s a distinct set of challenges and opportunities as we shape the trajectory of this dynamic discipline. Our journey to craft an impactful poster, “SoTL in Human Movement Sciences: A South African Perspective,” was fuelled by a collective vision to propel HMS education forward. In response to prevalent teaching and learning challenges, we established a Community of Practise (CoP) centred around the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Our objective was straightforward: to advance education in HMS. Before embarking on specific SoTL projects, we acknowledged the importance of building a robust SoTL foundation.

Under the guidance of a member skilled in Participatory Action Learning and Action Research (PALAR), we embraced this foundation and methodology for our SoTL CoP. Together, we tackled key questions related to our dedication to SoTL research, the longevity of our CoP, and our future research pursuits. This reflective journey highlighted the importance of collaboration and expertise consultation. As we unveiled our poster, the phrase “SoTL in Human Movement Sciences: A South African Perspective” resonated. The poster encapsulated our shared commitment and offered insights to other instructors across disciplines who are eager to embark on a similar journey. The presentation of our poster was both rewarding and enlightening, as its visual format effectively conveyed our teaching and learning context, challenges, and aspirations. Enriched by South Africa’s cultural and historical diversity, our approach to SoTL adds a distinctive layer to a CoP’s learning experience. We invite fellow educators to explore the potential of SoTL, embracing innovation that elevates teaching, celebrates diversity, and empowers students. By sharing our insights, we collaboratively shape not only South Africa’s education landscape, but also contribute to global educational advancement.

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