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ISSOTL21 Conference Schedule

Schedule Overview

Our aim with the schedule for ISSOTL21 is to replicate as much as possible the feeling of an in-person conference, so that participants anywhere in the world have the opportunity to attend live presentations, interact with the presenters in real time, and meet and interact with other participants from each different region – and we want everyone to be able to do this at reasonable times!

To achieve this, we created ‘time zone clusters’. There are three time zone clusters. Each region can participate in two of these clusters at reasonable times, for workshops, panels, concurrent sessions, and key signature ISSOTL events. A third time zone cluster may be outside of reasonable hours for each region, but all sessions will be recorded for those who can’t attend.

  • Time zone cluster — Asia/Pacific & Americas. Sessions run from early morning to mid-afternoon across Asia/Pacific and from late afternoon to late evening across the Americas (the previous day)
  • Time zone cluster — Americas & Europe/Africa. Sessions run from early morning to early afternoon across the Americas and from mid-afternoon to early evening across Europe/Africa (in the same day)
  • Time zone cluster — Asia/Pacific & Europe/Africa. Sessions run from early afternoon to late evening across Asia/Pacific and from early morning to late morning across Europe/Africa (in the same day)

Here is an example of the Asia/Pacific & Americas time zone cluster:

Participants in Perth/ Singapore can join a concurrent session at 8:30AM with people in Melbourne (11:30AM), and Auckland (1:30PM); and with people in Vancouver (5:30PM), Alberta (6:30PM) and New York (8:30PM). This particular session would be in the middle of the night for registrants from Europe/Africa – they could watch the recording.

Final Schedule

Please download the Excel spreadsheet of the final schedule.

Schedule at a Glance

For a visual overview of the time zone cluster see the image below, which includes the timing of key ISSOTL events and a skeleton of the concurrent sessions. Note that the city names are indicative of all the cities within the same time zone. A full interactive schedule will be available closer to the event.