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20 December

A Case Study on the Value of Humanities-Based Analysis, Modes of Presentation, and Study Designs for SoTL: Close Reading Students’ Pre-Surveys on Gender-Inclusive Language

By Sarah Copland In the late 2010s, while teaching first-year writing amidst widespread media attention to the singular “they,” I wondered what and where my students had already learned about this gender-inclusive pronoun. And so my SoTL study was born: …

20 April

Incorporating Arts-Based Pedagogy: Moving Beyond Traditional Approaches to Teaching Qualitative Research

By Rhia Moreno, Kate Hobgood Guthrie, Katie Strickland As three educators teaching in diverse spaces (an assistant professor from a public university, an assistant professor from a private university, and a public elementary school teacher), this reflective narrative highlights our …

19 March

New SoTL E-journal in Art History

by Virginia B. Spivey, Michelle Millar Fisher, and Renee McGarry on behalf of AHTR; Queries should be addressed to Last year, Art History Teaching Resources (AHTR), a peer-populated open educational resource, began research and development on Art History Pedagogy and Practice (AHPP), a …