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Teaching & Learning Inquiry Volume 4 Number 1 is Available

The latest issue of Teaching & Learning Inquiry - the first new issue since TLI moved to open-access - is now available. See the Table of Contents for a full list of the issue's exciting articles. Thank you Nancy Chick, Gary Poole, and members of the Publications Committee for moving the journal in this exciting, new direction.

Update from the Students as Co-Inquirers SIG

by Kelly Matthews and Shevell Thibou

Lovely to see folks in Melbourne for the 2015 ISSOTL Conference. New chairs were selected at the Students as Co-Inquirers Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting. As those new co-chairs, we would like to introduce ourselves.

Teaching Ideas Competition Award

The Mass Communication & Society Division of the Association for Education of Journalism & Mass Communication is offering an award that is grounded in the Study of Teaching and Learning. The call for entries is posted here:

Award entries are due on April 30.

Students as Co-inquirers SIG Has New Co-chairs!

By Carmen Werder

The ISSoTL Special Interest Group Students as Co-inquirers was launched in 2009 by Carmen Werder and Megan Otis from Western Washington University (WWU).  Its goal was to create a cross-disciplinary, international community of SOTL scholars dedicated to tapping into students’ expertise on teaching and learning, sharing promising practices for co-inquiry with students, exploring the many positive outcomes of this work, and amplifying student voices within the international society. 

International Collaborative Writing Groups 2015 (ICWG2015)

As part of the ISSOTL 2015 Conference hosted in Melbourne Australia, colleagues are invited to apply to participate in a year-long international collaborative writing group. There will be eight groups, each of which will prepare and write an article during 2015-16 on a pre-selected topic about SOTL (the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) for submission for publication. Each group will have seven members chaired by a facilitator familiar with the chosen topic. Ideally each group will include at least one student member.

Call for Accounts of Advocacy and Outreach

ISSOTL’s Committee on Advocacy and Outreach invites ISSOTL members to submit short accounts of advocacy and outreach in which they and/or their students have been involved. Please share your short account of advocacy and outreach for SOTL on this forum:

A Report from the Publications Advisory Committee, August 2014

A Report from the Publications Advisory Committee, August 2014

* This report is also available in .pdf format: here.

Examining Teaching & Learning through the Lenses of the Arts & Humanities

By Beth Marquis, McMaster University, Canada

(this blog appears courtesy of Beth and SoTL Canada, for whom the blog was written this month)

Rationale for Proposed Changes in ISSoTL’s Bylaws

Posted by Dan Bernstein, Past President and Chair of the Leadership and Elections Committee, on behalf of the Board of Directors who have voted to present the revised set of bylaws for approval by the Society’s membership


Canadian, eh?

This blog post is intended as a regional update to let you know what’s happening in Canada. Even as I write that, I have to acknowledge that there are so many pockets of SoTL innovation across the country these days that anything I could write would be an incomplete overview; I will focus therefore on a national level initiative.


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